Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gluten-free and Winter Storm Watch

Ok, so everyone knows that when you get a winter storm warning you run to the store for bread and milk and then prepare to wait out the storm, right?

Well, that's what I used to do. For any storm that threatened the power, bread for sandwiches was vital to the preparations. That way, even if the power went out, we'd have something decent to eat. I know you can eat veggies and soup and such directly from the can, but that is seriously a last resort.

So right now, we are staring down the first big winter storm (for us) of 2010. To be fair, it only is threatening 3-5 inches of snow. Not a lot. I wouldn't be concerned at all except that since the windstorm here on May 8, 2009, the power at my house has been less than reliable.  We've had power outages on clear summer days with no explanation except that one of the heavily damaged power lines snapped.

Combine already weak lines with snow and wind, both promised for here tomorrow, and I worry about power outages and I live in an all electric house.

So, I try to plan. What can we eat if the power goes out?

Until we went gluten-free, the answer would have been sandwiches. In fact, our emergency food larder was stocked with things like crackers and poptarts and things that provide quick energy without power.  Not exactly an option now.

So, if you face a winter storm, or any other storm, on a gluten-free diet, how can you plan quick, cook-less meals?

Personally, I'm beginning with granola.  Our local Food Co-op carries several brands of gluten-free granola. Combined with vanilla low-fat yogurt and maybe some fruit, this is a great breakfast, packed with energy. For lunches, we'll have cheese and sausage. Again, not the healthiest of meals in terms of caloric values, but decent enough to eat when the power's out and they don't ahve to be cooked or refrigerated.

For dinner, I'm planning for nachos. While I would prefer my cheese melted, throwing some already diced chicken, some cheese and sour cream on a pile of corn chips is a gluten-free answer to soup and sandwiches.  If the power is out more than a day, look for me at the nearest hotel because I enjoy heat :)

I'm not expecting my power to go out tomorrow, but if it does, I have a menu plan that sticks to my basic dietary needs and can be prepared without power.  What's your plan?


  1. I never thought about setting aside healthy food choices for emergencies. Good idea. Works for the glovebox or trunk of the car too.

  2. I found Meijers has some really great gluten free crackers...I keep them stocked, as well as peanut butter and canned tuna. The three of those and some fruit can last me for days.